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QF Hybrid
Pipe Clamps

A Small Diameter Pipe & Tube
All In1 Pipe Clamp

A small and easily portable single user pipe clamp, capable of doing the complete job, on pipe and fittings ranging from 1 to 10in, in size.

Large Diameter Pipe Clamp

A modular, user friendly hybrid pipe clamp, capable of tackling pipe sizes 6in and up. Cages, chain clamps, sleeve clamps, come alongs, slings and more, all in 1.


Traditional pipe fitting tools are size and task specific, often requiring multiple different tools to perform a single task.

Hybrid Pipe Clamps, combine and consolidate all the different tools, sizes and more, into a single unit. Modularization and bolt on attachments, allow for size adjustability, task versatility, simultaneous alignment and positioning, all in a single, user friendly, "Hybrid" pipe fitting solution.

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