Boiler and Small Diameter Pipe Fitting System

QF Innovations Newest Hybrid Pipe Fitting System​

  • One tool works for all pipe from 10" down to 0.75" in diameter

  • Enhanced pipe fitting capabilities, align & position simultaneously

  • Greatly enhanced modular ergonomics, light weight accompanied by user friendly portability

  • Increase productivity by anywhere from 50 - 300%

  • Ideal for boiler applications

  • Carbon Steel Construction - 17 lbs **

  • Powder Coated with Rubberized End Blocks for maximum durability and grip

  • Alignment Jack Bolts with Swivel Pads

  • Body Dimensions - 9" x 2" x 2" (Overall length 14.5")

  • 4" Stroke Adjustment (2" per side)

  • 50 lbs input force = approx. 2,000 lbs output


       ** Weight does not include Vice chain clamps with extensions 


The QFIII-SP is not only an alignment tool, but a complete pipe fitting solution. The system allows for simultaneous alignment and gap adjustment, as well as pipe size expandability.   This allows the user to have multiple sizes and configurations at their disposal without the need for more tools.

Faster, easier, and safer fit ups increases productivity and saves time and money.