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  • A heavy load solution for vertical pipe applications

  • Ideal for automated cutting and welding equipment

  • For use on ferrous and nonferrous materials

  • Hold large and heavy equipment, parts and fittings

  • Accurate and precise positioning for a variety of applications

  • Manually install cold cutting splitframes and clamshells in sections

  • Pile cap positioning - Level, slope, etc.

  • Flange positioning on existing fixed position pipe

  • Install so that you can cut or weld level to the world - Not always square to pipe (i.e. piles, in place piping)


The CHL Holding and Leveling Kit was developed to provide a solution to vertical pipe applications.  Often requiring the installation of large and heavy equipment in confined spaces, the CHL - 1 provides a means to manipulate positioning for square or level cutting and welding as well as a variety of other applications and situations that are difficult and time consuming, especially in field environments.

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