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All The Traditional Tools & Sizes in One Hybrid

The QFII Hybrid is a modular, user friendly solution to all the different sizes and types of traditional pipe fitting tools. Cage clamps, chain clamps, sleeve clamps, come alongs and slings and more, are all integrated into the QFII Hybrid. This modular integration not only saves the need for vast tool quantities and costs, but greatly enhances efficiency, when users always have what they need.

** Hybrid **

The QFII Hybrid is not a traditional size and task specific pipe fitting tool, but the consolidation of all the traditional tools into a complete all in one solution. 

The system allows for simultaneous alignment and gap adjustment, as well as pipe size expandability.   This allows the user to have multiple sizes and configurations at their disposal without the need for more tools.

  • Multi users, from a single unit, (use each clamp assembly as an individual chain clamp)

  • Enhanced pipe fitting capabilities, align & position simultaneously

  • Combine QFII units and straps to form larger size tools. Different styles and sizes not required.  No tools required.

  • Greatly enhanced modular ergonomics, light weight accompanied by user friendly portability

  • An innovative platform for continued product enhancement &  development

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